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As a bakery or catering company you need a supplier who will provide you with the support and ideas to develop and grow your business when the time is right.  You need to be competitive but you yearn to be different. With the right suppliers on board, you can get all the support you need to get the edge you deserve.  

Of course the very best taste, safety and quality at a great price with zero waste goes without saying. Products supplied to Bakeries and Caterers also Restaurants, Hotels, Retail, Industrial customers, Specialist Producers and Multinational Food Companies. Our product range is available both direct or via one of our wholesale partners.




You stand out because you produce the best quality products at the best prices. In order to do that you are
constantly on the lookout for new and innovative solutions.  Although egg products may only be a small part of
your raw materials, making the right choice can make a huge difference to taste, safety and margins. 
In other words, the right choice could mean the difference between success and failure.  


At RDT we supply only the finest egg products at a great price, and pride ourselves on the interest we take in all our customers’ businesses no matter how big or small they are.  Part of what we do is making ourselves available for our customers to give advice on things like new product development, innovation, logistics and cost control.  And of course
,peace of mind, taste, quality and value are at the core of everything we do.  When you choose RDT as your supplier, you’ve got a family business, backed by a global brand behind you that’s been supplying egg products to businesses
like yours since 1980.   

If you’re a baker or caterer who needs an egg
product with a long shelf-life that's easy to store,
our Powder and Crystal eggs are for you. At RDT
our priority is to give you all the convenience you
need without paying through the nose for great taste.  


Our powder and crystal eggs will save you time
and money as well as guaranteeing you all the taste
you quite rightly insist upon. 

• Packaging ranges from 12.5kg or 25kg meaning
they are the perfect solution for small and large
bakers and caterers alike.


• Available in whole, white, yolk and scrambled* form, there is a solution for every one and every purpose.


• Because they’re dried, you’re not paying to have
water delivered to you, which means that
transportation is hugely cost-efficient.


• The packs are re-sealable and have a 3-year shelf
life, so they’re not only easy to store, they’re highly convenient too – they’re there whenever you need them.


• Small packs allow you to taste and try before you
buy in bulk by choosing a small, single order option.


• Products are traceable, pasteurised and safety
certified as well as gluten and dairy free.

• Egg powders are not available in Scrambled.

Powdered & Crystal Eggs RDT Importers
Liquid Eggs RDT Importers

Are you wasting time, energy and cash cracking eggs?  There is another way – liquid egg.  


Liquid egg is the ideal time-saver for bakers and caterers, big and small who are involved in volume production.  Quick and easy to use, they’re available
in a whole range of options 

• It comes in a range of packaging options from
small KG cartons to tankers, and saves you a
whole lot of time, energy and money.


• You can choose from whole, white, yolk and scrambled*, so there really is a solution for every
one and every purpose.


• It’s quick, easy to use and tastes great.


• It has a shelf life ranging from 10 days up to several months depending on product and packaging type, which means you can always have some in 
stock without worrying about running out or
having ordered too much.


• It’s perfectly suited to anyone working at volume
in the catering and food service marketplace.


• Products are traceable, pasteurised and safety certified as well as gluten and dairy free but not Lactose free..


IMPORTANT Scrambled eggs are Gluten Free
but not Lactose free.

Peeled & Boiled Eggs RDT Importers

If you’re spending your time, your cash or both boiling and peeling eggs or
are looking for a supplier of fresh shell eggs,then you’re in the right place.
Boiled, peeled and shell eggs are perfect for food service and industrial users. 
They come in a range of packaging options, grades and weight classes to
suit your unique needs. The Group has been supplying Europe’s main
retailers year on year with boiled, peeled and shell eggs and here’s why
they keep coming back year-after-year.   


• You can choose from a range of graded and ungraded eggs which means
you can adapt the solution you select precisely to your unique needs.

• You can choose from packaging solutions like buckets, polybags or
tanks depending on the quantity you require.


• You can select from a range of different brines so you get the taste
just right for you and your needs.


• We only boil S and M eggs as larger eggs are not
suitable for peeling automatically.

• Products are boiled, traceable and safety certified as
well as gluten and dairy free.


RDT Importers Limited is a second generation family business. Ronnie Thomson established the business in 1980, his daughter Kirsty now follows in her father’s footsteps and is keen to uphold all the tradition and standards that Ronnie brought to the business.  She continues to deliver safe, quality egg products with exceptional customer service to her existing and expanding customer base. RDT don’t fly the flag solo. They have an International Global Brand behind
them with roots going back 135 years, made up of 27 companies, spread over 24 locations, in 7 different countries.  Undoubtedly one of the most modern egg producers in the world. 


Egg TraceBase is technically not a food safety standard but a traceability tool essential for supplying customers
with peace of mind.  Leaders in innovation, with their own logistic system and fully integrated production chain, their Global Brand Supplier works in harmony with RDT to bring the finest quality egg products to
the UK and Irish baking, catering and wholesale industries.





Egg Trace Base ® (EGG TraceBase®) is a database which guarantees effective traceability of eggs. Full traceability is guaranteed by the supply of fresh shell eggs produced at our suppliers own poultry farms or from farms inspected, contracted and controlled by the group. A fully integrated control chain covers every stage of the production process, guaranteeing quality and safety of the pasteurised egg product.


The utilisation of high-grade technology and a modern quality control system, in accordance with HACCP standards, enables our supplier to maintain high product safety levels. In addition to strict inspection by government bodies, the safety of the product is guaranteed by the rigorous controls enforced by their in house, chemical and biological laboratories at different stages during the production process.




• FSSC 22000 Certified (recognised by Global Food Standard Initiative)
• BRC Global Standard – Food, Grade A, IFS – Higher Level, Riskplaza audit+SKAL (organic license)
• KAT Certified (Kontrollierte Alternatieve Tierhaltung, agency that checks the origin of
   Barn, Free Range and Organic eggs)


Tel: +44(0)141 884 3905  Mob: +44(0)7581 044324  Email: info@rdtimporters.com

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